The Service of Merchandising is oriented to maximize the exhibition of products, to guarantee the presence of the product in the point of sale and its rotation.
We will make sure your product is located in an obvious and visible location.


There's no better incentive for shoppers to choose your product than the direct approach -- especially when it is introduced by professional demonstrators.
Our demonstrators ensure a high quality visual presentation of your product.


We coordinate and participate in events including:
• trade shows • sales meetings • new product launch • grand openings • customer appreciation • training seminars • sports & cultural events

about us

Our standard of excellence includes bilingual demonstrators that present a professional appearance and are sales oriented.

We have experience designing, organizing and implementing customized in-store demos that will increase brand loyalty and product sales.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide an outstanding level of professionalism equal to our client’s own, representing them as they would represent themselves. Our bilingual team will put the ideal people and resources together to provide the solutions for your direct retail needs.
We will make sure your product is located in an obvious and visible location and is presented in an appealing way.